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  • Keep chat to a minimum to allow for group leaders to focus on getting things organized. Be attentive, respond when asked out of courtesy to your hosts. DO NOT spam chat for any reason.
  • The organizer will ask for 8 volunteers for party leaders, 4 for Red dragon and 4 for Green. Respond in chat with your Role/Class, (e.g. +HR Lead Red) or (e.g. +GwF Lead Green). If there are more than 4 party leaders for each dragon please be orderly and condense parties. When more than 20 people are on a dragon it becomes immune to all damage.
Party leaders have the following responsibilities:
a. Inviting people to your party when they say X and the color you have been assigned.

b. Report to organizer how many people are in your party including which classes, (e.g. 5/5 Green Dragon - DC/OP Tank/CW x2/SW).

c. Make sure your team follows you if you're leaving a dragon or if you're assigned to stay, notify to unsummon attack companions if they are on their way from Red to Blue dragon.

Find where to go. Refer to the color of the circles on the map provided.

a. Melee DPS and additional healers and tanks will be asked to go to Red dragon to run to Blue.

b. Ranged DPS, one or two healers and one tank will be asked to go to Green dragon for the zerg to Black.

  • Please respond in chat by putting the following information so that party leaders can invite you: Class abbreviation, role, color of dragon (e.g. +CW DPS Green or +GF DPS RED or +OP HEAL GREEN or +DC Debuff Green). The organizers now don't have to inspect you or ask what role you fill. This saves time for everyone!
  • One Tank/Heal DPS will be asked to volunteer to stay at Red or Green while everyone else will run to their next dragon. The DPS should be able to deal enough damage to get the dragon down within 2% while everyone else is burning the other dragon. If you're staying at green dragon- everyone move out of the range of the poison cloud after you've got your dragon down to 2%
  • Pay attention to chat, the health of the dragons and to any Empowerers that pop up. If Empowerers spawn near you kill it immediately because it makes the dragon more dangerous the longer it is alive. When your dragon is at 10% health a call will be put out for you to run to the next dragon. Everyone but the volunteers needs to leave as soon as the Empowerers are dead and stop attacking the dragon. Red dragon team travels to blue. Green dragon team travels to Black

Red -> Blue zerg Tips:
Unsummon any active companion. Augments are fine, if you're not sure unsummon it anyway. Blue has a debuff that if the target dies it one shots everyone within a certain radius. Companions can get this debuff as well.

Green -> Black zerg Tips:
If you die at Black dragon it's important for you to immediately respawn as you have created a ghost and it puts everyone else in danger if they try to revive you. The more deaths, the more ghosts the dragon spawns.

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Got the lowdown down low through the grapevine before I saw this. Glad it worked on the 2nd attempt and beyond
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