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Our Alliance often does Dragon Flights (DF) on Sundays 3pm EST. They take place in the hosting guild's Stronghold. There are four dragons to kill within 10 minutes so it is important that everyone understands their role and listens to what needs to be done at what time. Each guild does dragon flights slightly different, but this guide will cover what most often happens and what to expect.

-Dragon Flights are available for free every two hours, but can be triggered at any time using a Golden Bell from the Zen market.

- When a dragon flight is called you need to type in chat (usually Alliance chat) that you want to participate, usually with "+DF" You will be invited in to the Queue group. DO NOT go to the host stronghold until you are in the queue group because there can only be a maximum of 40 people on a stronghold map and you might be using someone else's slot.

- You must, must, must be in the queue group because Queue Group chat is used to tell people what to do. There have been many instances where someone just shows up without being in the queue group and kills a dragon before it is supposed to and then the dragon flight fails to get the max amount of dragons possible which decreases the rewards that EVERYONE will receive. No one likes that guy, don't be that guy.

- It really helps if as many people as possible are in Discord. It is a lot easier to simply hear what is going on than trying to check the chat box. You don't need to speak, you just need to listen. You can ask for an invite to the server and it will be provided to you.

- Different classes will be needed at different dragons so once you are in the queue group type in Queue Group chat what your class is and ask where you should go. For example: "Where do you want me? CW." If you are a Damnation SW and you are sent to red type in chat that you have a puppet and DO NOT go the blue. See below to find out why.

- Only 20 people can attack a dragon at a time or is becomes immune. This is why it is so important that each person knows their role.

- Once you know where you are going you need to be in a party. This really helps in trying to figure out how many people are at a given dragon to prevent it becoming immune. Just type in Queue Group chat that you need in a party. Usually people simply type "+green" or "+red." See below for dragon locations.

Red Dragon, Katatheo The Proud is in the North West

Blue Dragon, Chrysos The Vain is in the North East

Green Dragon, Oxuno The Treacherous is in the South East

Black Dragon, Ekdos The Cruel is in the South West

- Most often ranged players (CWs, HRs, and SWs) are sent to Green and melee players (GWFs and TRs) are sent to Red. Tanks, healers, and buffers (OPs, GF, and DCs) are sent where ever they are needed.

- BEFORE the event is triggered all members of the dragon flight must be in place. One person must stay in the Guild Hall to trigger the event so do not be surprised if you see someone standing there.DO NOT TALK TO THE TRAVELING WIZARD UNTIL THE DRAGON FLIGHT IS OVER BECAUSE YOU MAY SPAWN THEM BEFORE EVERYONE IS IN PLACE. Again, no one likes that guy, don't be that guy.

- Once ONE dragon is killed no matter how much time is left in the flight the remaining dragons will flee after one minute. Coordination is key.

- Use buffs, such as, Scroll of Protection from Dragons and Potion of Dragon Slaying. The Green potions and scrolls are stackable with the blue ones. You get the green ones from the Tyranny of Dragons store, but DO NOT persist through death.

- Once the event is triggered there will be a one minute delay until the dragons arrive which allows the person that triggered the event to get to their dragon.

- As the dragons lose hit points Empowerers will appear that give buffs to the dragon. These Empowerers need to be killed ASAP.

- Dragons pack a punch so you want to try to stay out of the red.

- You need to watch how much health is left on your dragon because they need to be killed within a minute of each other. Watch Queue Group chat to see when to stop. Generally you want to stop at 10%, but this can be different so keep your eye on the chat box. If they say stop then STOP.

- If there are enough people to kill more than two dragons there will be a call for Red to Blue or Green to Black.

- Depending on how many dragons are going to be killed you may (most often) need to run for another dragon. Some people allow themselves to be killed because they will respawn on a fire closer to the new dragon. This tactic would be helpful for someone with a 50% mount, but remember, unless your potions persist through death they will be removed.

- If you are at Red you will most often run to Blue and if you are at Green you will most often Run to Black. A few players will stay behind to finish the dragon off.

- When it is time to kill your dragon someone will say "BURN" in chat. Do all you can to get the dragon down ASAP.

- Sometimes someone will have a bell and trigger another DF right after the previous so don't leave right after.

Red: Doesn't do anything special it breathes fire. It is a dragon and like all dragons it hits hard.

Blue: Lightning dragon it breathes lightning. DO NOT have companions active if you are fighting Blue (Ioun stones are fine to keep active). When they die they will wipe the whole group this is including Soul Puppets for SWs. If you have a gold shield floating over your head DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO DIE. If the target with the shield dies a burst of lightning will come from the dragon and wipe the whole group. If you need to run away to stay alive, do it. If you die you will wipe the whole group. If you are a healer keep your eyes open for the person with the shield over their head KEEP THEM ALIVE. Companions can get the shield and because they die so easily having a companion out will constantly kill the group.

Green: Poison dragon breathes poison. There is a fog of poison surrounding green that constantly applies DoTs to all players.

Black: Acid dragon breathes acid that lowers damage resistance. If you have a shield over your head at the black dragon is means your defenses have been greatly reduced or removed altogether. When a player (not companion) dies a ghost will appear and attack anyone within range. If you have a ghost coming after you DO NOT run towards other players. Try to guide the ghost away from others it will time out and disappear after a bit. DO NOT wait to be revived the ghost will kill anyone that tries to get you up.

Number of Dragons Killed---Prizes
1 --- [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], Random Voucher (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements
2 --- [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], 2 Random Vouchers (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements, 1 Fang of the Dragonflight
3 --- [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], 3 Random Vouchers (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements, 2 Fang of the Dragonflight
4 --- [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], 4 Random Vouchers (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements, 3 Fang of the Dragonflight
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