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DrakoZay / Oct 03, 2016
  • 9/23/16: Finished upgrading Guild Hall to level 4

  • 9/28/16: Finished upgrading Marketplace to level 2

  • 9/30/16: Prospects removed from guild for inactivity

It has been 76 days now since Neverwinter launched on Ps4 and here we are in The Neverwinter Nine with 81 members, an actively fluctuating player base as well as fast leveling stronghold. I never imagined that we would be where we are today, originally I had thought that this would just be a place for a small group of friends but inevitably that has all changed now and we're well on our way towards having a Stronghold which wasn't fully purchased like the rest. We've stayed on track through thick and thin and have a lot to show for our efforts but now we need to work towards moving forward not only with the system but with each other.

Leadership - We require individuals whom are knowledgeable of Neverwinter to step forwards, leadership positions for recruiters and group leaders will be necessary especially with Alliances soon to launch on Ps4 October 18th. "IF" any of you feel that you could be an asset in one or both of these roles please contact Drako Zay@DrakoZay, we've a lot to accomplish within a short amount of time but as has been proven already, we do have the necessary individuals to make it possible.

Stronghold - These campaigns are vital for donations!
Gather Stronghold Supplies - 4,000 Rough Astral Diamonds
Astral Diamonds Conversion - Stronghold Vouchers

Assist Artisans - Iliyanbruen Artisan Voucher (1,000/Mimic Donation)

Dread Ring:
Recover Thayan Gear - Vanguard Dark Gifts Voucher (1,000/Mimic Donation)

Icewind Dale:
Frozen Treasures - Caer-Konig Frozen Treasures Voucher (1,000/Mimic Donation)


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