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Alliance Charter
All allied guilds and their respective members should, at all times, make every reasonable effort to ensure their guild and members reflect and uphold the rules as set forth below.

1. All Alliance members should adhere to both the general Neverwinter/PWE Terms of Service (ToS), and the Rules of Conduct (RoC).

2. All Alliance members should be treated with respect and patience. Please keep Alliance chat respectful and tasteful. If you have a disagreement with another player where you can’t or won’t be constructive, considerate and civil, then please take said discussion out of the alliance chat. If you observe misconduct regarding members or Officers/Leaders of the Alliance, and have not been able to resolve your issue with said individual(s), please follow the steps outlined in the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

3. There is to be no “naming and shaming” in public Alliance communications, be inclusive of everyone. No hate speech or language aimed at being derogatory to a person's age, gender, sexuality, race, nationality or anything else. Diversity is the spice of life.

4. Taking part in exploits, cheats, or other abuses of the game engine/functions/etc is taboo. What is or is not an exploit is at the discretion of Cryptic and your guild community. The alliance maintains a list of Recognized Exploits.

5. You are free to form a team however you wish; but any sort of inappropriate exclusionary behaviour[2]within alliance chat or communities will not be permitted.

6. Please refrain from posting in all capitals as this is considered ‘yelling’ and rarely appropriate. You may ask your game-related questions in Alliance-related channels; but again, be sure to space out your requests and don’t get indignant if you do not get a response.

7. Trade requests in alliance chat is permitted at reasonable intervals. Members who do so are solely responsible for their decision to participate in trading within the Alliance and do so at their own risk.

8. There is no official loot policy for any Alliance group/party – please discuss terms with your team and adhere to whatever is decided. It is recommended that all parties establish clear loot policies before commencing any content.

If you have issues with a particular rule or think some rules are missing, please discuss with your guild leader(s), who may then escalate it to the full Alliance leadership team.

Inappropriate Exclusions [2]

– Requiring higher than the minimal IL requirement.
– Requiring specific enchantment/runestone rank levels or gear.
– Refrain from dictating what power loadouts a player should use. You are free to give advice as long as you are civil and supportive.
– If the above points are followed you can ask for whatever you need for your team but be prepared to explain your needs if questioned.